Acne: What causes it and how to treat it efficiently?

Acne: What causes it and how to treat it efficiently?
Acne: What causes it and how to treat it efficiently?

They attack the face of almost all adolescents and often do not let go even when their teen years are far behind.
How many times a day to wash your face if any, may apply makeup and whether medication such as Roaccutane and Carotene are safe to use, despite the concerns? 

 So it's not a problem of hygiene? 

No, it is important to maintain hygiene in order not to be blockage of the glands, but one can be very clean and still suffer from acne. Beyond that, it is important not to wash my face too many times, that it actually dries out your face. And when using makeup it is important that it will not contain fat.

What causes acne to continue or emerge in old age?  

Sometimes adults have a rash that resembles acne but caused by other reasons, people working with fuels and lubricants tend to suffer from it. It happens sometimes also in women after the age of 40, mainly because use of makeup and hormonal changes. Suitable treatment of acne in adolescence can help to end the phenomenon at an early age, while refraining from it could cause it to accompany the person suffering from it more time.

What about the food that causes acne? 

The allegations about fat and fried foods are very individual and not true for everyone. If anybody noticed acne gets worse after he eats chips, for example, then he must avoid it, but it's really not clear. There are studies now that tie eating dairy products with acne, but it also varies among different people.

When the situation should be treated? 

You Acne is usually not dangerous, and it is important to adjust the treatment to its severity. If there are more lesions with inflammation one should apply intensive care and not just a local treatment. If there mostly black dots than local treatment should be enough. There is also “deep” acne which requires a more profound and systematic treatment, sometimes hormonal and sometimes using derivatives of synthetic vitamin A pills like Carotene and Roaccutane which affect mainly on the severe forms that tend to leave scars. 

Rinse your face to prevent infection, but no more than once - twice a day!

Drugs can help - when being monitored by a Dr.

What Carotene and Roaccutane - is it safe? 

This type of these drugs changed the treatment options for the better. They enable dealing with difficult forms of acne. They are the only ones that address all components of the activity of acne - they affect the sebaceous glands activity, causing contraction of their own. The gland ceases to act which creates a suppression of bacteria which are fed from the sebum. In addition, they cause mild peeling of the face which makes the skin smoother and opens the closed pores.

It is important to make sure this is appropriate type of treatment to the patient before applying. They are suitable for severe acne that does not to respond to local treatment, and require preliminary blood tests on liver function and fat levels - since they can raise blood fats for those who have a family tendency.

These drugs are forbidden during pregnancy, thus it is needed to ensure that the patient is not pregnant and also give them combined with prophylaxis (preventive care). It is important to ensure that there isn’t a hormone problem before starting the treatment, because in that case one should address the hormonal problem itself, otherwise the acne will return. For example if there is no regular periods, or an excessive rate, these may be signs that require examination.

Do those medications cause side effects? 

You can Muscle pain may be caused by increased physical activity. It is rare - but if there signs of strong headaches it is important to stop the medication and make sure that the rise in pressure within the skull. Drug increases the sensitivity to the sun and thus who taking it should avoid sun-exposure. Sometimes it is taken in the winter rather than in the summer. 

About dryness, it causes dryness expressed mainly in mucous membranes - lips, nasal mucosa and eyes. At this time therefore, often do not wear contact lenses. Some claim that it causes mood-swings. It is important to be monitored by a doctor when taking it, and inform him about side effects if needed. 

There are also herbal pills for complementary treatment for a healthy skin which are sold without prescription. But when looking at handling over time which should take about six months to a year in order to see results, there is cream for more extensive areas for those with a acne in the back area, as well as oil-free moisturizing crèmes, some combined with sunscreen - especially for those using Roaccutane and Carotene.