Anti-Aging Cream

 Anti-Aging Cream
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Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-Aging, DAY CREAM is an extraordinary new formulation proved to significantly reduce wrinkle depth over your face area, in a short period of time.

Its active agents stimulate the production of specific skin barrier proteins that are essential to maintain skin integrity and flexibility, as well as to reduce water loss from the skin cells, stimulating at the same time the regeneration of the tissue and thus, visibly reducing face lines.

Its exclusive combination of the most powerful minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea, and the lately discovered UNIPROSYN PS-18 + UNIPROTECT PT-3 new active agents, ensures a full skin care protection, reducing the effects of photo- and chronological ageing, and considerably decreasing and preventing skin mentation (age/sun spots), thanks to its active performing UV sun filters.

Feel young and free with Mineral Line new Time it! Anti-ageing line.

It all depends on you!

50 ml / 1.75 oz

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