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Face Cleaning - Guidance

Before pampering the facial skin with moisture, it is important to clean it properly and thoroughly.
This is especially true in winter, when the weather fluctuations cause more dry, red and irritated skin. Simple and effective guide that we have prepared will assist you prepare your skin for laying moisture.

The cold weather is not doing particularly well to our facial skin. 
When you add to that the hard tap water which dries and irritates the skin, and extreme weather fluctuations - symptoms such as dryness, redness and discomfort appear. Mainly women who tend to suffer from allergies or those with a delicate, sensitive and dry skin are prone to these symptoms.  

Why is it important to clean?

When the facial skin is clean, grooming materials penetrate better and prevent the acceleration of aging. Cleaning in the evening is primarily designed to remove makeup, dirt and grease, while cleaning in the morning is designed to bestow a sense of freshness and cleanliness for the day and before laying the serum and day cream.
Cleaning the face, and especially washing them with water, may increase the dryness and discomfort. To clean them without worsen the temporary sensitivity, avoid aggressive cleaning with exfoliating grains, drying soaps and masks, and prefer products that are known for not containing substances that induce sensitivity (e.g. perfume or alcohol).

Basic cleaning: water and soap

Soap is a substance having a basic pH, which allows its custard. Although foam cuts dirt, makeup, oils and fats from their grip, melting them and allowing their wash with water, but at the same time he dissolves the oily layer of protection, and therefore increases dryness. Water dries well, especially tap from our geographical area, which contain high concentrations of calcium that gives them certain hardness. Nevertheless, they are better than cleaning towels.
So, if you use cleaning towels, wash afterwards your face with water.

How to treat your skin after washing with water?

1. Do not let the water dry on your skin in the open air, but absorb them gently with a towel.
2. Soak a cotton wool in some eau de cologne (for delicate skin, use alcohol-free), and pass it on the facial skin to remove excess of "hard water."

Humidity Enhancements
The important task of cleaning is not to dry the skin. To this end, manufacturers tend to enrich cleaning products with soothing & moisturizing materials for delicate skin, dry and sensitive, in order to allow the product cleaning the skin without leaving a feeling of tension and dryness. You should check the inscription on the product’s packaging to ensure it, or consult the sales attendant. 
So, if you use cleaning towels, wash afterwards your face with water.

Face emulsion and Cleansing Cream

Many of us love the foaming detergents because they provide a sense of cleanliness. Their advantage over plain soap is by being gentle, very beatable and their neutral pH is identical to that of facial skin. They are made for different skin types, and this match is essential, since beat for oily skin may excessively dry the skin. Foaming cleaners are manufactured in three textures: cream, gel or mousse.
The choice is according to personal preference, though the mousse is usually more tender and designed for delicate and sensitive skin.

Makeup beat are good for residue removal, but not always sufficient to remove it entirely, and are not suitable for removing eye makeup. For delicate and sensitive skin it is recommended to use the classical way of removing make-up with facial emulsion, followed by the complementary action of eau de cologne.

Some products use medicinal plants known for soothing facial itchy skin conditions, including chamomile, ‬ aloe vera, dead sea minerals, licorice and more.
The most complete solution for cleaning sensitive skin, including removing makeup, give products which are gently massaged on skin using fingertips, and there is no need to remove them with water (and women with sensitive skin should not wash their faces after using).