The best Spring and Summer Skin Care Products

 The best Spring and Summer Skin Care Products


With the cold weather gone, skin-care routines need to be updated to match the warmer spring and summer months. New creams, serums and masks are necessary for the change in seasons. Skin needs something protective and effective for defending against heat and sun. Since people go outside more often when the sun is shining, different products with anti-aging benefits are useful.

Moisture cream for the spring and summer should hydrate without leaving the skin oily. Rich winter creams can clog the pores during warmer seasons. An anti-aging night cream with light emollient properties is recommended. Chronically dry skin may require a richer formula.

In conjunction with night creams, anti-aging day creams are strongly recommended. Products with anti-oxidants and sun-damage fighting properties will prevent wrinkles and sun spots from forming. A light cream for spring and summer will blend seamlessly with makeup. A deep cleansing gel will help remove sweat and makeup to prepare your skin for morning and evening treatments. 

Anti-aging serums are an excellent addition to a spring and summer skin-care routine. Serums penetrate deeply into the skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other imperfections. Anti-aging eye gels can be used to brighten the eye area. Squinting in the sun produces fine lines around the orbital eye area. A powerful eye gel will help reduce the appearance of these lines. 

Nourishing – night creams are recommended for those with dry skin. Oily skin will do best with a gel or normal night treatment. Paired with an anti-wrinkle eye cream the skin will look beautiful in just a few weeks of use. To pamper the skin, a facial mud mask with 70% Dead Sea mud is a luxurious choice. Dead Sea skin-care products are nourishing and healing for skin that has been abused over the years. Facial masks can be used a few times a week. They clarify pores and smooth the skin.